Whats your guys opinion on Pinnacle Airlines

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hey guys

i wanted to ask does anynoe know about pinnacle airlines, a northwest feeder. Are they a good company to work for.

I would appreciate any insight

thank you

James Vista

I have had a few friends that worked/work there. From what I've been told we have it pretty good here. That is as far as worker / managment relations go. They do have a pretty quick upgrade time of 2 years or so. The pay sucks and beni's are about the same or a little worse than here. Over all concensus is it's just ok to work there.


i heard pinnacle is getting 85 firm order of CRJ440 the 44 seater and they have a option to get 195 more. I think northwest pilot agreed to allow more regional jet in there contract scope. so northwest will get more 70 and 90 seater RJ's. and that there contract will be up in the end of 2004 and they will try and get a new contract like with what comair got, i am not sure if that will happen. But i did hear the best thing is the upgrade time less than 2 years. plus they are a all jet fleet, they have no ATP, or saabs.


I hear that they are a good company to work for but there contract still pay is for turbo prop. They are re-neg their contract but seeing how times are down for aviation I am not sure that it will be much better. A new FO is just under 20k. Also I hear that they don't do much hiring off the street. Just my .02



Contract is up in 2005

We have jet rates, but they are 1999 rates.

We have about 68 jets now, garanteed up to 95 (est.)

NWA has 35 or more options to either give to Mesaba, Pinnacle or Big Sky

We are Maxed on 50 seaters until mainline takes a widebody delivery, otherwise all deliveries are 44 seaters.

No change in NWA scope. The only 50+ seat airliners in the Airlink fleet are Mesaba's 69 seat Avros, and they are grandfathered into NWA's last contract.

No orders for ANY 70 or 90 seat RJ's.

No hiring right now, there is a freeze on new hire classes for 3 months.

Hope this helps,


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